One stop sourcing for metal parts in China

TAIDA METAL is a producer and supplier making and exporting metal products according to customers request for more than twenty years. The production process covers investment casting, permanent mold casting, die casting, magnesium alloy die casting,and casting, forging, and CNC machining, stamping, progressive stamping. We have a team of professional engineers experienced in the metal manufacturing field in China. We aim to provide our customers the quality products at competitive price with our professional service. Our engineers will evaluate and study every enquiry and design the production process best fit for the enquiry in term of cost and quality. Our inspection team will follow up the process of the production and monitor the quality of the products before shipment. With quick respond and reliable technical follow up we want to be your supplier and the partner in sourcing metal parts in China. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any further information.

  • diesel engine cylinder heads

    casting and machining under one roof for cylinder heads. part and assembly according to the design and requirements.

  • China-Europe freight train services

    China-Europe freight train services saw solid growth from January to May this year, with the transport capacity and efficiency continuously rising.